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Cambourne offer an online solution that will communicate the total value of your employee's benefits, allowing them to see the true value of their remuneration package. Working in partnership with Staffcare our software specialist - Cambourne can provide this easy-to-install application to help you improve benefits communication and do the following:

Improve employees understanding and satisfaction - your employees can access their benefit data through a secure portal from home or office 24 hours a day. They will have access to their personalised up-to-date total reward statements as well as information on their benefit providers - allowing them to understand and appreciate how much their total employment is worth rather than just knowing their basic salary.

Reduce HR administration - this online solution can also provide an affordable solution for HR self-service. Holiday booking and absence recording can become an employee-managed function that communicates automatically between the employee, their line manager and the relevant HR function therefore reducing standard HR administration costs and time.

Flexible benefits - this software allows for the opportunity to introduce flexible benefits to your workforce. This could give employees the ability to select the benefit types and levels of benefit they need according to their personal circumstances and within the rules set down by the employer, creating a personalised scheme that they will understand and value.

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